As the main event on the Milan Fashion Week schedule, if not the most highly anticipated show of all Fashion Month, cheap gucci package quite literally had attendees counting down until its fall 2018 show (which is hilarious, given the known fact that fashion shows couldn’t start on time if they tried, but made for great Instagram content). The invite came in the form of an orange timer, inside a Ziploc bag, with an old school, retro timer counting down to the spectacle. On the front of the timer, a sticker read: “Parental Advisory, Explicit Content.”

My 2018 luxury handbag wish list. Oh to be a billionaire, be able to walk into any boutique along Bond Street, London and collect handbags like they were toys. Makes you think perhaps it is best just to be a kept woman? Not have to worry about mortgage payments, and the council tax bill and the electric and gas bill. Just to spend your days doing yoga and Pilates, meeting the other kept women for lunch and complaining about what a hard life you have. .. But on second thoughts A) I’d probably be bored after about 3 weeks and B) I don’t think there is anything more satisfying than being in the position where you are able to make your own luxury purchases, not being reliant on another. The indescribable proud feeling of “I did that” and “I don’t need you” #girlboss #independentwoman.

So I’ve brought to you a collection of bags, my number one choices with some alternative runner ups. These are the bags that for now I love and hopefully will have the pleasure of owning in 2018.
First up, the mini bag. Possibly the biggest trend of 2017 and still going strong into 2018. The greatest advantage is the price; they are often up to half of the price of the normal large or medium sized handbag from the same brand. All the more reason to buy two of them – it’s quite literally like two for the price of one. I also think they are a great place for anyone starting their handbag collection as they are much more affordable. In addition I think the mini bag is a great place to invest in those bold coloured pieces. Where the usability of the bag may be limited because of it colour – a smaller outgoing cost is better in terms of cost per use. Would you rather spend £4000 on a bright yellow handbag or £1000 (or in my case £0) on it?

sale Gucci has had one of the biggest comebacks and designer brand has ever seen. Over the last two years, since the release of the Dionysus, buy Gucci has been on fire, with everything the designer touches turning to gold. Yet given the complete downfall they had in the previous decade I am still somewhat sceptical as to the longevity and staying power of this new surge in popularity. The same applies for the marmont style, is it here to stay or just a passing fad? I like the designs but am afraid to invest thousands in to a brand which previously saw me lose thousands of pounds. That is why I feel the mini bag is a greater way to invest into perfect Gucci without being burnt. So number one on my wish list is the marmont wallet on a chain, in hibiscus red leather, it is a show stopper for sure. A statement piece, with practicality at its essence. For £1040 it really packs a punch, 16 card slots, zip coin pocket, 3 inner compartments and a detachable strap meaning it also doubles as a clutch bag!2 for the price of 1 – bargain!

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