The cheap Gucci RE(BELLE) Crossbody Bag

A few months back, we introduced you to the Gucci RE(BELLE) Tote, which immediately became a favorite bag of mine due to its seemingly never-ending interior capacity and the beautifully soft and supple leather. Though the RE(BELLE) was offered in a medium size tote as well as the large one we took a look at, many of you wondered why buy Gucci didn’t make the bag in smaller versions. Well my friends, today we’re in luck: Gucci heard our cries and I’m excited to give you an in-depth look at the best Gucci  Small RE(BELLE) Crossbody Bag. This studded little lady shines in black leather with gold detailing, and my heart just can’t take it—I’m smitten.

While this bag is a seriously streamlined version of its big sister, the shape is exactly the same, and I really like the framed structure of the bag. Though the bag is a unique shape and is really pretty to look at, the shape of the bag itself is also what makes it a bit difficult to use, but not in a way that would turn me off from it completely. It does not expand to fit very much at all, and what does fit inside needs to be maneuvered in a pretty specific way. Since I tend not to carry that much day to day, this would work for me as a day bag, but for most, I imagine it would not.

The cheap Gucci  crafted of supple, natural grain leather and accented with brushed metallic studded detailing. In aesthetics alone, I give this bag an A+. It’s just my style and it goes with my current wardrobe perfectly.

The construction of this bag is amazing and I am consistently impressed with how Gucci’s bags hold up with use. Personally, I have two in my collection. One is a few years old, and even with a ton of use, has held up really nicely. perfect Gucci  leather always ages very well, and though this bag is covered in studded perfection, I imagine this will age beautifully as well.The small RE(BELLE) bag has two interior slit pockets—there is no interior zippered pocket. One of the pockets works to hold a smartphone, while the other pocket is smaller and would work to hold credit cards, debits cards, cash and/or train tickets. As mentioned, the interior is tiny, but held my iPhone, small zip-around wallet, a lipstick, a chapstick, a small makeup compact, and my Ray-Ban sunglasses in a cloth pouch instead of their case. Overall dimensions of the small RE(BELLE) bag are 11.5″ L x 7″H L x 3″ D. You can pre-order one for yourself via sale Gucci for