An Ode to the Gucci Soho Disco Bag

Back in the bag’s top heyday, there were many color options available, but today you have limited color options of black, rose beige, or red. My sales associate informed me that they were not planning on releasing any additional colors, so if you have your heart set on another hue, your best bet is the resale market. The price of the Soho Disco currently sits at $1,190, which a pretty great bargain for a bag of this size from a premier designer such as Gucci. With measurements of 8″W x 6″H x 2.5″D, the Soho Disco has a deceptively large interior—you can fit quite a bit inside! The adjustable strap allows you to wear the bag on the shoulder or as a traditional crossbody, which I always appreciate. There’s nothing worse than a crossbody with a too-short strap, am I right?

We heard from the team at Gucci that while the red colorway of the Disco bag is being phased out after Holiday 2018, but the Soho Disco Bag itself will continue being produced in other colorways.

Gucci has evolved into one of my favorite handbag brands over the last few years. I recently purchased my first Gucci bag, a small camera bag from the Marmont collection. I’m over the moon with my purchase, but I will admit I was seriously tempted by another bag at the boutique, the Gucci Soho Disco Bag. I’ve been eyeing this pretty little number for years, and the Soho Disco bag just so happens to be the handbag that really put Gucci on my shopping radar. I have admired Gucci bags for years, but when the Soho Disco bag hit its peak popularity around 2015, I felt myself becoming a Gucciholic. While shopping for my Marmont bag, the sales associate told me that the Soho Disco is slowly being phased out and is on its way to being discontinued(see update). I know rumors have swirled that this bag would be discontinued eventually, but I always hung on to the hope that it was untrue. This is one of Gucci’s biggest handbag hits ever and the bag I believe to be the driving force behind the current popularity of camera bags.

The interior is lined with cotton linen, making is casual and lightweight. Suede or leather interiors are considered more luxurious, but I’m a big fan of a simple cotton lining. Less maintenance and weight is always a good thing in my book, especially since no one else sees the lining of my bags (especially when they’re zipped!). Speaking of zipped, the top zip closure is perfect for securing your belongings, and especially great if you live in a city and are worried about theft. I love the tassel feature on the handbag, it gives the design a little something extra. The interlocking G’s are embossed into the leather, which is a great detail if you’re not into flashy hardware on your bags. I am a big fan of logos and monograms, and the prominent logo on the Soho Disco has always appealed to me greatly, in fact, I think it’s probably my favorite feature of the bag.

The Gucci Soho Disco bag is perfect for nearly anyone’s aesthetic. You can wear the bag to a baseball game, to run errands, or to a wedding rehearsal dinner. It can seamlessly be dressed up or down, which is a hard balance to strike for a handbag. I quite literally can’t think of an occasion that the Gucci Soho Disco bag would not be appropriate, which in my grade book gives this bag an A+. Upon its release, it was an instant hit, but time has proven it’s not just another it-bag – it’s a Gucci classic. If this bag has caught your eye, I recommend picking it up sooner rather than later.

Your First Look at Gucci’s Resort 2020 replica Bags

Gucci’s newly released Pre-Fall 2019 campaign images are ancient history in the best possible way. For this campaign, Alessandro Michele tapped into history, utilizing a Sicilian site which dates back to the 7th century BC. The Selinunte Archaeological Park was the background for the Pre-Fall 2019 Ad Campaign, creating an eye catching juxtaposition between the ancient ruins and Gucci’s contemporary collection.

The campaign, which was photographed by Glen Luchford, imagines a mythical place frozen in time. This place, encourages a certain freedom of expression, allowing people from all walks of life to coexist. In this modern-day interpretation of the ruins, lovers and friends come together to talk philosophy, participate in the arts, sing and dance together.

Early last week Gucci presented its Resort 2020 collection, and the bags were as Gucci as ever. Creative director Alessandro Michele speaks to a wide range of people, and the Gucci girl (or guy) under Michele’s direction is quite diverse. This collection resonates most with those who wish to standout and embrace uniqueness and individuality. Michele’s eclectic aesthetic offers gender fluid pieces, and ambiguous models carried handbags of every kind. There were exotic mini bags, and Gucci’s classic bamboo top handle bag was spotted as well. Gucci introduced a new, rainbow monogram print, which was seen on everything from bucket bags and backpacks, to a large duffle traveler bag. Mickey Mouse once again was spotted on the Gucci runway, making an appearance atop Gucci’s iconic coated canvas.

fake Gucci’s G-Timeless line is getting eight new models this year.

Gucci has unveiled a host of new luxury timepieces, perfect for bringing your ‘fits to the next level. At the Baselworld watch and jewelry fair, the Italian luxury house announced fresh additions to its G-Timeless Automatic and Contemporary lines and introduced a new, unisex Grip line.
The Grip line was inspired by the ’70s skateboarding scene and features a smart cushion case with three discs to show the hour, minute, and date. The watch is available in either 35-millimeter or 38-millimeter size and comes with a number of interchangeable straps.

Gucci’s G-Timeless line is getting eight new models this year. The G-Timeless Automatic timepieces come with a range of stylish straps. Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele makes good use of the brand’s bee motif, signifying the hour on the watch’s stone dial. Inside the 38-millimeter case is an automatic movement made by the Swiss specialists Sellita.

The most eye-catching of the G-Timeless Contemporary watches takes its inspiration from the house’s Kingsnake motif, with the striking snake overlaid on the dial and steel bracelet. The serpentine aesthetic is also visible on the range of interchangeable straps. The other Contemporary model is decorated with Gucci’s green and red stripe branding.

There are no confirmed release dates so far but the new timepieces are expected to arrive this September.

Gucci’s Fall 2019 Bags,

There are rarely any shocking surprises when it comes to what walks down the Gucci runway these days. Alessandro Michele has not only revolutionized the industry, making fashion more gender inclusive than ever before, but he has embraced the extraordinary. This season, models walked the runway carrying everything from sneakers and jackets to hairbrushes and plastic bags. Then, there were the spiked masks, both worn by models and hand carried by them as well. Despite the weird, wacky and downright oddities of the show, models still carried and wore plenty of bags for us to fawn over.

New versions of the Rajah Tote, appeared alongside structured flap bags and a top handle duffle-type bag in what appeared to be smooth leather. A new design of the Gucci Sylvie was also shown in black patent leather with all gold hardware. Most notably, Gucci introduced a structured flap bag with a top handle, which was wrapped in silk. The bag popped up in velvet and what appeared to be some sort of textured leather. A flap closure with Gucci’s iconic GG embellished hardware inside of a metal ring finished this new runway style.

Introducing replica GUCCI ZUMI collection


It may be cold outside but Gucci is warming us up with a look at its newest bags before they hit stores later this year. For Spring 2019 Gucci introduces the GUCCI ZUMI collection, which makes use of the hardware we’ve seen on Gucci’s bags as of late. This hardware marries two iconic Gucci House elements into one—the Interlocking G and Horsebit hardware. The hardware is modeled after a rare piece from the Gucci archives. It was chosen directly by Alessandro Michele himself for its classic design but modern appeal.Named after LA based actress and musician Zumi Rosow, the GUCCI ZUMI collection features several shapes and sizes and includes both classic leathers as well as ultra-luxe exotics. This collection embodies Alessandro Michele’s vision of beauty, which intertwines a person’s personality, individuality and attitude. In many ways Zumi Rosow encompasses Michele’s overall perception of beauty. First up, we took a look at the  replica GUCCI ZUMI Medium Top Handle Bag in dark brown crocodile.

This is a super structured,  yet sleek replica gucci bag with a double lift-lock closure. For dual-functionality there’s an adjustable (and completely removable) shoulder strap. Inside, the bag features a middle zip interior compartment as well as a zip pocket. This top handle bag is, of course, finished with the the Interlocking G and Horsebit hardware. The GUCCI ZUMI top handle bag is available in two different sizes—medium and small. In addition to exotics, both sizes are available in smooth and grainy leathers as well. The crocodile version seen here retails for $36,000, while the Medium top handle leather versions start at $3,200.

The GUCCI ZUMI collection also features an of-the-moment mini-bag with a top handle and a chain strap. It’s stunningly eye-catching in green crocodile, though it also comes in smooth leather. There’s a detailed chain strap which is removable so that this mini-bag can be hand carried strictly as a clutch. A pocket adorns the back of the bag and the GUCCI ZUMI Mini Chain Shoulder Flap Bag is finished with the same iconic hardware as the top handle bag.

replica Introducing the Gucci Rajah Shoulder Bag

Gucci is having a major moment in fashion right now, and it seems as though there is nothing that replica Gucci  can’t do. Alessandro Michele has churned out handbag hit after hit, often diving deep into Gucci’s archives to bring back the classics. While the logo love has been front and center amongst Gucci’s current lineup, for Fall Winter 2018 a new bag has stolen the show. Meet: the Gucci Rajah Medium Shoulder Bag. Incredibly dignified and insanely chic, this bag is truly a work of art.

One of the things I love about buy Gucci  current aesthetic and the overall creative direction of Michele, is the mixing of elements. There are no rules when it comes to fashion anymore, and I love the juxtaposition of mixing dressier and super elegant pieces with streetwear fashion, and Gucci does it so well. This bag is uptown chic, but when paired with more casual pieces it still gives off a downtown cool vibe, and I absolutely love that this can be worn dressed up or dressed down.

The Rajah shoulder bag, introduced for Fall Winter 2018, mixes new elements with traditional details. The shape, like many of-the-moment bags from both perfect Gucci  and other designers, is retro-inspired and features a new logo, which merges two signature elements. The Horsebit and the Interlocking G come together to form this distinctly ‘fake Gucci  ’ hardware. A crystal tiger head also adorns the front of this flap bag, which was inspired by a vintage brooch by Hattie Carnegie, who was a legendary jewelry designer in the 1920s-1950s.

The super unique and gorgeous croc version is a true showstopper and I was obsessed with how pretty it was in purple. It retails for $22,000, which is quite steep for a shoulder bag! For a more practical option, we also took a look at the all leather version, which was stunning in burgundy and would be the bag I would personally want to own this fall. The leather is incredibly smooth and holds color really well. I’m loving deep jewel tones for fall and I like the way the burgundy looked alongside my all black look.

The copy Gucci  Rajah Medium Shoulder Bag features a chain strap which can be worn multiple ways as shown. It looks dainty hand carried when the strap is doubled, but for practicality purposes it can also be worn over the shoulder or cross body. This flap bag features a locked metal closure, and inside there is both a zippered pocket as well as a slit pocket. For a medium sized bag the interior is quite roomy, and it’s only fairly structured. With overall dimensions of 10.5″W x 6.5″H x 2.5″D, the size is perfect for day to night use. The croc bag is lined in leather, while the leather version is lined in fabric, which you can snag right now for $2,980.

Fake Gucci Bag – Best Cheap Replica Handbag

Making a statement is not necessarily about wearing quality, but about showing the brand. No matter what people say! Period. Sure, those who cannot afford some High-Quality fake buy Gucci Bags will always claim that you have to wear something that looks good, rather than a reputable brand. Hah!

Little do they know that they can fulfill their hidden dreams of wearing a good brand without spending a fortune. How many times did these people buy fake RayBan sunglasses from beach sellers? How many times did they buy Replica sale Gucci Bags from random tourist shops in seaside towns? Exactly.
The problem with this fake market is that – at least based on my research – 90% or more of the merchandise is pure rubbish. So-called leather wears off the moment you fold it and brands are usually lame stickers that go off if you try to peel them.
As for the other 10%, it takes proper research. I learned this the hard way and ended up having my own fake Cheap replica Gucci handbags without anyone being able to tell the difference – proper leather, durable materials, excellent replication and affordable prices.I bought my first fake Gucci Purse after thorough research. The result? Flawless. None of my friends – not even the ones who spend a fortune on original branded apparel and accessories – can tell the difference. They all believe that I wear the original. I get compliments at work or down the street and everyone tells me how lucky I am to own such things.

If only they knew all I did was buying a high-quality fake Gucci replica. Not the one you spend $5 or $10 for, but the one you spend over $200 for. Exactly – the one that is more expensive than what you can find everywhere, but still 10 or 20 times cheaper than the original. Winning!There are more reasons why I love my fake Gucci bags and why I am likely to get more additions to my collection from this shop. First, they are pure quality. Forget about faux leather. You get real leather. It will last you for ages if you take proper care of them.
Second, you cannot tell the difference. The Gucci sign is literally perfect – no funny lines or alignments. Even when my friends grab one of my bags and analyze it inside out, all they can say is wow. Stitches are in the right place. There are no loose threads. Everything is so well put together that you cannot tell it is a fake.

Third, the price – so much cheaper than the original. Why spend a few hundred or more on a bag when you can spend 10 times less on the same bag? Just because it is made in a Gucci approved facility? No way!
Now that you know why I am so excited about my fake perfect Gucci , here are the pros and cons of the products I have purchased so far.I knew I would not be able to find the perfect replica in a random store. I also knew that I had to pay more than what I pay for my lunch, even though I would still save a fortune. Therefore, I started looking for specialized replica shops. And believe it or not, there are quite a few reliable online stores out there with quality products.
But as you go from one store to another, you realize that pictures will always look perfect. Plus, some of them are taken directly from the copy Gucci website. In my opinion, if they fail to display their own products, they are just not worth the hassle – simply move on to the next store and do not waste your time.
This store drew my attention for a few different reasons. First, it advertised for real materials, such as real leather. Second, pictures were not from the Gucci website. Third, some of them came with video presentations. Fourth, I found plenty of reviews on other unrelated websites – not the kind of reviews written by themselves and posted on their own websites, if you know what I mean.
I thought I would take a chance with my first bag. I loved every bit of it and I still have it after wearing it a few times a week. Moved on to the second and so on until I ended up with a decent collection of fake Gucci bags.
To me, this whole experience was like those car boot sales – you have to go through a lot of rubbish in order to find one good item. And once you find it, it is perfectly worth it.

The best Gucci bags from the spring/summer 2018 catwalks

The handbag market has tiers of prestige that you probably understand pretty well even if you’ve never really thought about them as such. Premier designer and contemporary are the big two, but within them, there are sub-tiers that organize things based on price level and consumer interest. Arguably above “premier designer” is what I like to think of as the buy Gucci Big Three: Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Those brands have the highest prices of any of the big brands, and they also have the deepest well of consumer interest, which translates to cheap Gucci  the resale market as well—their bags hold their value the best, and sometimes even eclipse original retail for highly sought-after pieces. Now, according to online designer resale giant The Real Real, those three have a new challenger: Gucci.

According to the site’s internal numbers, cheap authentic gucci shoes for sale  is now the most searched-for brand of 2018 among millennials. Chanel is still number one among millennial women, but Gucci’s popularity among men has vaulted the brand to the number one spot over all. (It’s probably important to note that Chanel does not make menswear, but all the other big brands best Gucci bags has passed, including Louis Vuitton and Hermès, have very popular men’s lines.) Gucci is also the biggest gainer of the year, popularity wise: The Real Real reports that searches for its products have surged 62%. For a brand that’s been around a long time, that’s a remarkable surge in popularity in only a couple years, and the ways the brand has made it happen go beyond just design changes.

When Alessandro Michele took the top design spot at Gucci, not only did he shake up the brand’s own aesthetic, but he quickly shifted how the industry as a whole strategized its offerings. The luxury market is generally one of slow, methodical product debuts, evolutions, and phase-outs, with most bags following along a neat narrative arc: A limited initial release gives way to increasing popularity and availability, during which the brand releases a few special versions every season alongside the neutral colors and standard sizes you’d expect. Eventually the design peaks and starts to recede in favor of other, newer offerings from the brand that are on the upswing, and for most bags, that gradual phase-out culminates with quiet discontinuation. Gucci does things differently, and it’s made a replica Gucci huge difference for both the brand and for resellers.

Gucci has some bags (like the plain leather Marmonts) and other product lines that follow that traditional arc for more casual shoppers, but for the diehards that drive so many trends in fashion, it’s another strategy that runs alongside those lines that really gets things moving. Many of its most eye-catching seasonal styles are made in many different versions, but in very small quantities of each version. That means that if you fall in love with one of them, it might be only available at one particular retailer, or for a very short amount of time. That helps stoke all-important perfect Gucci full price sales—Gucci bags, accessories, and apparel rarely get discounted these days—and it also encourages people to scour the internet’s many designer resale sites for The One That Got Away. Not only does that help sales of those particularly popular products, but it gives consumers an overall sense that the brand’s products won’t be discounted and may be gone in an instant, which incentivizes buyers to pay full price and shop at the beginning of the season, even if the thing they want might not be one of the super-limited best Gucci pieces.

In a fashion climate in which traditional brands are having an ever more difficult time dealing with the paradox of selling at a global scale while ensuring that their products still seem rare and exclusive, Gucci appears to have figured out a way to do both. At least for now—consumer tastes are fickle, but Gucci’s got all the momentum fake Gucci a brand could ask for, both in traditional stores and online.

Your First Look at Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2019 Bags

Last week, while most of us were frantically finishing out holiday shopping and checking our grocery lists twice, buy Gucci  dropped its Pre-Fall 2019 collection on us via a very extensive lookbook. For many of us big time Gucci fans, this was a very welcome holiday gift! Alessandro Michele blessed us with bag after bag after bag, and though Chanel might say otherwise, Gucci, it seems, is trying to tell us that exotic skins—in beautiful colors no less—are indeed in for Pre-Fall 2019.

Many of these bags make use of cheap Gucci  newest hardware, which marries a Horsebit and an interlocking G. There were tiny bucket bags, double bag situations, and even a color blocked version of the ever-popular Marmont flap bag. Aside from a large patchwork tote that includes some sort of metallic fringed detailing, which is sale Gucci  also present on a mini-bag, most of these bags are fairly commercial, which to many is an interesting surprise. From basketball shaped bags, to a mickey mouse head, Michele is known for his electic and sometimes downright weird designs. perfect Gucci  See all of the bags below!

The world Alessandro Michele has created at Gucci continues to rule conversations in the fashion world, and especially the accessoriees world, and rightfully so. He has a way to infuse inspiration from significant places, like taking a look back through the archives and nodding to fellow designers both young and old, that can only be described as so perfect Gucci  . In fact, Gucci has such a strong and recognizable presence that we as bag lovers can spot a Gucci bag and accessory from afar.

And when it comes to the word handbag, we all have a specific look in mind too: square or rectangular, and large enough to hold everyday essentials. But we know that isn’t always the case, and one shape of handbag that is underused—but when done right, makes an impactful statement—is the round bag.

Introducing the fake Gucci Thiara Medium Double Envelope Shoulder Bag

It’s very clear that best Gucci  is having its moment right now and has been for some time, and it’s not too much of a stretch to say that that in the accessories world, 2018 is the Year of buy Gucci. Alessandro Michele’s work continues to wow me collection after collection, even if it means taking a previous style that has worked well for the brand and reinventing it. However, in this case, Michele introduced a brand new bag silhouette on Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2018 runway and wowed me with its clever structure. The Thiara Medium Double Envelope Shoulder Bag is unique, fun and seriously versatile.

I was immediately drawn to this bag when we first got a glimpse of Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2018 bags back in December. Right away, I noticed how different the shape was and I thought it was really cool that this bag was like having two bags in one. I love that for a simpler, less out-there look you can wear the bag on the solid leather side, which also has cheap Gucci double GG hardware on it, or for a more dressed up, eye-catching look, you can wear the bag on the opposite side. The other side of the bag features a gold striped logo print over leather, with Gucci’s always-iconic painted enamel and crystal encrusted feline head. While I adore the style of this bag, with that comes a couple of cons. For starters, the bag does not lay flat on your body if the lion head is facing towards you, and it can be rather uncomfortable on your hip. In addition, the double construction of the bag means that the bag is slightly bulky. However, since it’s like having two bags in one, the design is fairly roomy for an evening bag, so you won’t have to compromise on what it is that you need to carry for a night out.

The sale Gucci Thiara is made of smooth leather and has a really nice hand to it, and it’s not super delicate and does not seem to scratch easily. It’s a fairly good sign when we receive bags to review that are in great shape, because often press samples are heavily used and sent out to many different publications for shoots. The fact that this leather wasn’t scratched and was in great shape overall means that this bag will likely hold up well and age very nicely. Lined in fabric, both sides of this doubled-constructed bag feature an interior slit pocket as well as a zippered pocket, which makes this bag really functional in my eyes. You can carry various small items like lipsticks and other cosmetics in the zippered pockets, which saves you from having to carry a small cosmetics pouch, as I often do.

Antique gold hardware accents the smooth leather, and the ‘Gucci gold’ toned hardware is one of my favorite things about perfect Gucci of-the-moment bags. I love the muted gold logo, thought the top handle chain is made of a shinier gold. Both sides of the bag feature a flap with a magnetic snap closure and a removable/adjustable shoulder strap. The delicate top handle chain is not removable, but adds a nice touch if you’re carrying this bag as a clutch. Overall dimensions of the Thiara Medium Double Envelope Shoulder Bag are 6″ H x 10.5″ W x 3″ D. You can grab this beautiful and innovative flap bag for $2,890 via Gucci.